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Dreams are a natural expression of the human psyche. What's more, they are meaningful.
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  • What are dreams?
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Explore the depths
of your Psyche

Discover the Greater Self

Imagine having a direct, working relationship with a greater intelligence. Or being shown exactly what you need to know and why you are here.

A connection like this would be a deeply spiritual experience. Life would be filled with meaning and purpose, as if one were in communion with some divine force.

In this modern, rational age, however, we think such a connection is impossible. We believe that nothing exceeds our human intellect. The notion of a greater Self is quickly dismissed as mere superstition.

Yet the greater Self is real, and accessible to all.

At the School of Human Potential, you will learn how to contact and establish a personal relationship with the Self. The school’s teachings reach beyond the bounds of everyday consciousness, into a hidden realm that will both inspire and challenge you.

This is your invitation to embark upon an inner journey, a journey where you will discover the power and wisdom of the greater Self.

Our Frameworks

Archetypal Psychology

Born of Jung’s Analytical Psychology, Archetypal Psychology describes the various forces operative within each of us. These include the Mother, Hero, Trickster, Lover, Warrior, Wiseman, Priestess, the Radical, Mystic, Wounded Healer, Fool, King, Queen and Authority figures. Depending upon the individual these archetypes may be developed, and accessible to consciousness, or undeveloped and problematic.

Dream Analysis

A dream is a message from one’s deeper Self, and serves to guide one’s approach to the outer life as well as lead one on an inner journey. A dream is a riddle, pitched just beyond the bounds of consciousness. When we engage and wrestle with the dreams, and experience that ‘Aha’ reaction, we arrive at an answer that represents nothing less than a new level of self-awareness.

Myths, Legends & Fairytales

Far from childish fantasies, myths, legends and fairy tales are rich with psychological insight. Rather than being approached literally, they describe inner truths. Greek myth, Bible stories, the Grail Legend, fairy tales such as Cinderella, Snow White, Little Red Cap or Jack and the Beanstalk, all describe a set of developmental pathways that we play out on personal level.

Psychodynamic Astrology

The notion that the movements of the heavens might reflect one’s character or fate would appear preposterous to our modern, rational way of thinking. Yet, as incredible as it seems, there does appear to be a synchronous connection between the planetary positions and the psyche. Psychodynamic astrology marries the age-old science of astrology, with the recent developments of depth psychology.

Self-oriented Psychology

Just as the earth revolves around the sun, and not vice versa, psychology is due for a Copernican revolution. Rather than placing the ego at the centre, with a focus on personal development, Self-Oriented psychology approaches the psyche from a new perspective, where the challenges we experience are recognised as the call of the greater Self in its demand for the ongoing evolution of consciousness.

Shamanic Counselling

When we sleep, and lower the bounds of our ego-consciousness, out ego opens to the imaginal realm. We experience this as a dream. With practice, the imaginal realm may also be accessed whilst awake. This conscious, or shamanic, entry to the inner world allows us to explore and work at a deeper level both within ourselves, or on behalf of another.

Personal Consultations

I am Craig Jarman, founder of School of Self Potential.

A Sydney-based Psychotherapist and trainee Jungian Analyst since 2018, I have been teaching classes in dreamwork, astrology and archetypal psychology since 1988. Apart from Jungian Psychology I have also trained in Sandplay Therapy and Process Oriented Psychology.

I hold a Masters degree in History & Anthropology from Wales University, Trinity St David, where I specialised in the study of Cultural Astronomy and Astrology.

I am also the author of Returning the Ring - A Psychological Commentary of Tolkein's The Lord of the Rings and the originator of Psychodynamic Astrology, now available as the Astro Charts app on the Apple AppStore.


I completed Craig's 10-week The Way of the Dream course then participated in a dream group for a further three years! I have since taught and helped others understand their dreams, including psychology graduates and undergraduates, writers and actors. I also attended his classes in Psychodynamic Astrology. His presentations are clear. Explanations are well-thought through, logical and consistent. I've also made good use of the astrological reports for myself and my daughter. I consider myself someone with a well-developed sense of scientific and philosophical principles. Unlike many other practitioners in the field, I found Craig's rigorous approach to be compatible with my own way of thinking.

Terry Constanti
Teacher & Musician, Sydney

I have worked with Craig for over twenty years. His applied understanding of C.G. Jung's work and the psychological process of individuation is exceptional. In both group and individual settings, Craig provides bridges and pathways between the dynamic realms of the conscious and the unconscious. As a dream analyst, his integration of archetypal psychology and the process of dream amplification within a framework of Psychodynamic Astrology is profound. Craig's group moderation skills are genuinely participant focussed and of a continuously high order of excellence. He works with integrity. For those whose seek to develop a path to the Self, Craig can provide the dream skills, personal insight and compassionate guidance necessary to help steer the course.

Frank Wilson
Registered Psychologist, Manly

Craig Jarman has written a wonderful book about the mythological land of Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings. Archaic language, mythological scenes, fairytale plots are the carriers of some of the most pertinent and telling commentaries on our modern world and the disaster-creativity which faces us. Modern ears are tired of the doom and gloom of so much of our current writing, and news headlines are no better. But in this tale of hobbits and little people and noble bearers of power we have spelt out the chaos which we face and a visionary solution to it.
The story is a new one - perhaps the latest outpouring of mythology in our western world - and it carries great power. To read a myth created by a man still within living memory is to be at the forefront of living mythology. Craig Jarman, a citizen of the new aeon, speaks its language eloquently and creates a new vision for us all.

Robert A. Johnson
Jungian Analyst, San Diego

Craig's reading of my natal chart was both insightful and illuminating as he explored the placement of each of the planets and signs through a fusion of contemporary astrological symbols and ancient mythological archetype providing me with a rich map of the psyche and its challenges and potentialities. Craig's approach is fluid and progressive allowing the relationship and synastry between the planets and their signs to tell a story that not only addressed my horoscope but the psychological implications of these relationships and how best to work with these archetypes in their various levels of manifestation in my life. Craig is an intelligent and intuitive reader with a down to earth realism and deep care for the unfolding consciousness of the individual. I highly recommend taking the opportunity to have a reading with Craig.

Delany Jane
Steiner Educator, Brisbane

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