Psychodynamic Astrology Natal Reports
‍Psychodynamic astrology reaches beyond character description and explores the archetypal forces at play withing the psyche and their developmental pathways. An understanding of one’s horoscope accelerates the individuation process.The horoscope assists the individual in recognising their character structure and outlines the steps required to realise one’s innate potential.
Professional Natal Reports
Psychodynamic Astrology reports are professionally compiled based on the provided birth time, date and place. Each report include a horoscope wheel plus a 50+ page interpretation. Reports may be ordered for:
The Natal Horoscope
Your horoscope represents a map of the heavens at your time of birth. Curiously, it also serves as a map of your psyche. Your natal report both describes and explains the personality. Areas of focus include:
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Further Instructions
  1. Birth Time The birth time should be accurate to within 30mins. If the birth time is unknown,  it may be sourced from birth registry or hospital records. Altertnatively, the birth time may be determined using a process of rectification (a personal consultation will be required).
  2. Birth Place – In the case of small towns, please indicate the nearest major centre.