Introductory Classes

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This series of 1 1/2 hour classes serve as simple way to explore the depths of Dreamwork, Archetypal Psychology and New Mysticism.

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Classes in this course
  1. Jungian Dream Analysis - Tapping tghe Wisdom of the Greater Self
  2. Nietzsche’s Thus Spake Zarathustra - The Herald of a New Anion
  3. Models of the Psyche - Freud, Adler & Jung
  4. How to read a Horoscope - An Introduction to Psychodynamic Astrology
  5. Developing ESP - Tapping the Powers of tghe Deeper Psyche
  6. The Discovery of the Self & Individuation Process
  7. Aspects of the Feminine
  8. Synastry - The Astrology & Alchemy of Relationships
  9. The Ego, Shadow & Typology of C G Jung
  10. The Life of Christ - A Psychological Commentary
  11. Aspects of the Masculine
  12. The Cycle of the Zodiac
  13. Psyche & Eros - Working with Love
  14. The New God Image
  15. Astrological Transits, the Fates & Free Will
  16. The Spirit of the Depths - Introducing Jung's Red Book
  17. Peter Pan & Captain Hook - The Puer versus the Senex Archetype
  18. Spiral Dynamics & the Hiosory of Consciousness
  19. Iron John & the Warrior Archetype
  20. The Book of Job - Confrontation with the Self
  21. Snow White - The Maturation of the Feminine
  22. The Polarities of the Zodiac - Astrological Symbolism & Psychology
  23. The Lord of the Rings - A modern day myth
  24. Dune - A new face for the hero

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