Psychodynamic Astrology

Psychodynamic astrology lays the foundation for a deeper understanding of the human psyche, detailing how the planetary forces reach for expression. Astrology can seem incredibly complex. Once understood, it is profoundly simple.

Our horoscope describes what is required of us. The planetary gods seek to make themselves known. They may come upon us, as our fate, or through us, as our character. To a certain extent, the choice is ours. Where we know what is expected of us, we may proceed willingly. If we are ignorant, then we are forced along our path.

Classes in Psychodynamic Astrology are interactive and combine experience with theory. Having identified an astrological theme, participants are invited to share how such an influence has played out in themselves, or in their life. Such personal testimonies allow the group to witness the planetary archetypes in action. Given the firsthand experience, the ability to read a horoscope and see through an astrological lens is quickly acquired. Participants will be familiarized with their horocope in terms of its various placements.

Classes in this course

  1. The Planets by Sign
  2. The Planets by House
  3. The Planets in Transit
  4. Planetary Aspects

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