Myths, Legends & Fairytales

With archetypal psychology, we can explore our psychological anatomy with the same objectivity that we might study our physical anatomy. This psychological anatomy is reflected in our stories, in our myths, legends, fairy tales and great works of literature. Rather than be dismissed as meaningless, our stories may be mined in search of universal themes. To fathom the depths of the psyche, we need only to appreciate the facts masked as fiction.

Each class in Myths, Legends & Fairytales will centre around a particular theme. The story to be explored might be a fairy-tale, myth, medieval legend, work of literature or a film. It may be fantasy, science fiction or the basis of religious faith such as the story of Christ or the life of Buddha.

Far from irrelevant, our stories harbour psychological truths. Jack and the Beanstalk explains how we need to take a risk and follow our dreams, yet not fall prey to the gigantic forces of our imagination. Sleeping Beauty warns us of the problem of vanity and jealousy while The Lord of Rings speaks of a world in peril.

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