Archetypal Psychology

Just as our physical anatomy is composed of various organs, the human psyche is comprised of multiple energy centres, each with a particular role to play. These archetypes may be drawn upon and developed on an individual basis. Once developed, an archetype will offer its gifts. If denied, an archetype will become problematic, all in an attempt to regain our attention.

Each archetype has multiple facets. The seminars will explore one of the archetypes in depth. You will learn:

  • Identification - How to identify the archetype in yourself and others.
  • Maturity Model - What is the maturity model of a given archetype.
  • Strengths & Gifts - What are the gifts of a particular archetype. What strengths do they lend to the individual.
  • Shadow Aspects - How does the archetype appear if it has turned negative.
  • Development Paths - How you can develop the archetypes strengths in yourself.

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