Dream Analysis

The School of Self-Potential offers both Dream Classes and Dream Groups. Both classes and groups cover the art and science of dream analysis. Whereas a dream class is composed of a theoretical component followed by a study of actual dreams, a Dream Group is focused exclusively on actual dreams. This is the page for the Dream Analysis Class. For information about Dream Groups please visit this page.

Most cultures have placed great importance upon the dream, the main exception being in our modern times, where a dream is often considered meaningless. With depth psychology, however, we are beginning to appreciate dreams anew.

A dream is a personalised message from the deeper Self – the dream maker. Typically, it is quickly dismissed as it is rarely understood, for dreams speak in riddles - however there is a good reason for this ambiguity. Were a dream to be readily understood, it could hardly be teaching anything new. A dream is never what it first seems. Instead, a dream is pitched at a level just beyond our understanding, on the periphery of consciousness. While difficult, its message is within our grasp, if only we make the effort. Being slightly out of reach, a dream is designed to stretch us, to pull us forward to a new awareness.

Classes in this course

  1. What is a dream? – Various models/understanding of the dream including indigenous cultures, Freud & Jung.
  2. Working with dreams – Interpretation techniques, associations, amplification and creative dialogue
  3. The individuation process – Ego, shadow, the anima/animus and the Self. A psychological review of Dante’s Inferno
  4. Projection & Recollection – Recognising ourselves in others and in the world
  5. Four Elements – Jung’s four psychological types
  6. Meeting the Shadow – Approaching & working with one’s undeveloped self.
  7. Aspects of the Feminine – Four faces of the feminine and their characteristics
  8. Aspects of the Masculine – Four faces of the masculine and their characteristics
  9. Realising the Self – Encountering the Self. The story of Jesus-Christ. The experience of Job.
  10. Honouring the dream – Grounding insights in everyday life.

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