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Saturday, March 2, 2024
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3:45 pm
Intro Class

About the Class

What draws two people together? And what repels them?

Beyond our ordinary consciousness, there are archetypal forces at play both in ourselves and in others. How these forces interact is brought to light by synastry, the astrological technique that compares the planetary positions across two horoscopes.

Standard astrological compatibility will typically compare our star or sun-sign alignments. Earth signs get along with other earth signs, for example, as well as the neighbouring water signs. Water goes well with other water signs and neighbouring earth. A fire sign goes with other fire plus neighbouring air signs, and air signs relate to other air plus neighbouring fire signs. Similarly, opposite signs, or signs that square one’s sun sign, are considered inimical.

The comparison of sun signs only, however, is simplistic. With Synastry, along with the sun’s placement, all the planets are considered.

Key pairs are Sun-Moon for marriage relationships, Venus-Mars for sexual attraction and chemistry, Jupiter-Saturn for productive ventures, Moon-Saturn for stability, Mercury-Sun for mental engagement. With 10x10 key planetary pairs, the list of interpersonal dynamics is long.

Just as Natal Astrology assists in understanding one’s character and fate, Synastry may be leveraged to understand one’s relationships, be it with one’s partner, spouse, friends or family members.

Alignments that formed across two horoscopes will describe archetypal dynamics at play in that relationship. These dynamics may be easy or challenging, with each person taking up their role in the energetic exchange.

With a knowledge of synastry, one gains an insight into the archetypal forces played out in relationships. Armed with such knowledge, one can live the dynamics consciously, and thereby leverage their value, or work with the challenges they reflect.

Prior Knowledge - To gain the most from this session, participants should have a good understanding of their natal chart, including a familiarity with the various placements.

To calculate Synsatry charts use the iOS app - AstroCharts - Visa

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